Ways to Give

Come to Church

You can give to Hillsboro Christian Church by simply coming to the church and placing your gift in the offering bags as they pass during the service.

Give Online

If technology is more your style, you can give online through our online giving portal using our secure process through churchcenter.com. You can use the buttons below to give to Hillsboro Christian Church online.  It's fast, easy and helps you give to a great cause!

Online giving is great for keeping track of giving as well as setting up recurring gifts.

Text to Give

Text Gift Amount to 84321

Giving from the Heart

Jesus has always told us that he came to set things right; to make things new. He never came to diminish or take away what was already set up, but to fulfill it (Matthew 5:17-20). The highest level of giving is when you are not giving out of guilt, shame, sorrow, or for show.  It is when you are giving because you have given your heart to Jesus.  Gifts out of love are much more valuable than gifts out of hate, guilt, or feeling bad. It is important to give back to God because what we have is already His and always has been.  The highest level of giving is when we decide before we even know what we will receive, to give to God a certain amount. Planned Giving.  When we plan ahead to give to God, we reach a new level in putting God first.  This keeps us true towards God.  If you have not made this a priority in your life, we would encourage you to lean into God and His word and keep stepping away from what we are told to do with our money.  Plan your gifts. Think about your blessings. Don't give out of fear, guilt, or shame. Pray to God. Keep Him first from your freedoms to your finances.  He is Lord over all and He remains faithful.